Alex Karjeker

Democrat Candidate for State House (TX-129) Endorsed Candidate

Alex Karjeker is first-time candidate running in his hometown district, the Houston Bay Area. Growing up, Alex’s family heavily emphasized the importance of civic engagement. His maternal grandfather, a Jewish-American, proudly served in WWII and then worked with the US military’s PX system. Alex’s paternal family were anti-Apartheid activists in South Africa fighting for their equal rights as citizens of Indian origin.

Though a young candidate, Alex has already amassed a strong set of professional and civic qualifications. Alex studied at the University of Texas receiving Bachelors’ Degrees in Mathematics and Economics, and later on at Georgetown University receivingMasters’ Degrees in Public Policy and Economics.

Alex spent two years at Morgan Stanley’s municipal bond division, where he helped Texas cities fund public infrastructure projects. He then spent three years at Uber, where he first served as a data scientist studying public transportation, labor earnings, and drunk driving rates, and later in government affairs. In 2017, he successfully lobbied the Texas State Legislature in 2017 for more affordable transportation options and to create more jobs for Texans. His bipartisan bill to make ride sharing companies available statewide, passed with a historic 110 votes in the state house.