The New Yorker: Are Asian Americans the Last Undecided Voters?

The New Yorker (Nov. 2, 2020)
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"...Political campaigns are about more than the candidate. Participation requires the creation of an infrastructure that guarantees your community remains close to power. Neil Makhija, the executive director of Impact, an Indian American advocacy group and pac, talked excitedly about the connections that were being forged this year. The announcement of Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate had brought a lot of attention to Impact, a group with which she had a long-standing relationship. Success wasn’t just about fund-raising or voting—Impact was building a network of influencers and power brokers, people who could move strategically between campaigns, pacs, and policy shops. Both Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders’s 2020 Presidential campaigns were managed by Asian Americans. Makhija felt that a critical mass was forming. His father had grown up sorting spools of thread in a factory, Makhija said, and, decades later, he could give his father a tour of the White House..."