WaPo: ‘A trailblazer’: Indian Americans react with joy, pride to Harris’s VP nod

The Washington Post (Aug. 12, 2020)
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The Washington Post“...In terms of Indian Americans, Kamala is a trailblazer,” said Neil Makhija, the executive director of IMPACT, an Indian American advocacy and fundraising group. “She is paving a path in terms of telling our story and telling her story. If it wasn’t for this nomination, millions of people would not be learning about what it means to be Indian American and what it means for her...”

...Makhija, whose group hopes to raise $10 million for 70 South Asian candidates this election cycle, says that he sees Harris’s Indian values reflected in her passionate positions about immigration — particularly families separated at the border — and climate change.

“Globally, that perspective comes from having family on the other side of the world,” he said.

He also said Indian Americans have loved her social media posts about food, such as the video with Kaling, where the two cooked the crepelike South Indian dish known as dosa and Harris listed other Indian dishes she makes at home: “Lots of rice and yogurt, potato curry, dal, lots of dal.”

“That’s the most important thing to us, honestly, is the food,” Makhija said. “She’s like everybody’s auntie, a very caring and compassionate person who is coming from that place where the language of love is food. I think many Indian Americans identify with that.”


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